At the Partium Christian University Visual Communication has been taught in Hungarian language since 2002. The Graphics specialization places emphasis on the study of the mediums used for graphic design purposes. We aim at forming and training professionals who master the traditional types of graphic art (engraving/print) and graphic design, the integrated application of photo and text, as well as the digital motion picture applications in the complex image design which is a challenge of the 21st century.  

Students can choose from two study tracks:

  • Graphic Design (Typography Art, Image Design, Poster Art, Package Design, Webpage Design, Book Art, Illustration, Comic Strip )
  • Audio-Visual Structure (Video, Advertisement Clip, TV Graphics, Media History, Intermedia, Multimedia, Installations, Animation)

The knowledge acquired in the course of the training will make these highly skilled professionals capable of meeting the requirements within any domain of visual communication, as well as the changing requirements of modern times. In the support of the above-mentioned, the technical training is carried out by means of the most up to date electronic equipment and within a well developed laboratory environment.